3 Skin Care Tips During Travel

3 Skin Care Tips During Travel

Skin Care Tips During Travel

Travelling is a good thing for your soul and harsh for you skin especially during summer when the sun is warm with small amount of humidity. During travel, you skin has a lot of reasons break out, especially on the bacteria of surrounding, the circulation of air in the plane, the changes on climate and the most important is the exposure to sun.

Experts had stated that, in ensuring your skin stay happy throughout your travel, it required more than just a normal sunscreen. But that doesn’t mean you have to order a whole red cargo container of skin care products, instead simple yet effective and natural tips to ensure your skin stays healthy and fresh.

Here are the tips on how to manage your skin care during travel:

  1. Prioritize on the plane hygiene and hydration.

If you are travelling with flight, this is the first aspect that need to be considered. In prioritizing the hygiene on the plane, it is important for you to bring your personal wet wipes. Not only can you use it to wipe any part of your body, but also for you to wipe off your seat. It is common for every people to leave bacteria and their body oil if they had seated for a very long time. By wiping off the seat, you could reduce on the possibility of having back acne or any part of your body that are being exposed.

Next, in maintaining the level of hydration on your faces in the plane during your travel, it is important for you to spray the face mist or if you would like to go further, bring yourself a sheet mask or even patches. This is because, the air in the plane is circulating the same air and by that, it is lack of humidity that cause the dryness in the air.

  1. Adjusting on your skin care routine.

It is really important in adjusting your skin care routine during travel especially if you are going to the places that are having complete different climate from your places. For example, if you are going to the place with slight heat and high humidity, it might be suitable for people with dry skin as there are more moisture in the air. However, it is totally not suitable for anyone with the oily skin, in adapting towards excessive humidity in the air.

Adjustment on your skin care routine is important during travel especially in adapting your skin condition to a new climate with different temperature and different composition of air.

  1. Protection from the heat.

In protecting your skin from the heat of the sun during travel, it is important to re-apply your sunscreen in creating a protection for your skin from the UV rays. If your travel are involving activities such as swimming, you are require to apply the sunscreen even more as you are in the water most of the time and you are sweating a lot.

It is crucial to apply the whole of your body with sunscreen before leaving and always carry a spray sunscreen in your carry on.

Not only sunscreen, additional accessories also could help in protecting your skin during travel. It is highly recommended to bring along a wide-brimmed hats and shades during your travel as double protection for your skin.


Taking care of your skin during travel is important but not as important as having fun. Just remember to bring sufficient amount of sunscreen in the bag. Even it could be slightly annoying and exhausted throughout your travel journey, but in prioritizing you skin care by washing and keep moisture it before going to bed, it could maintain the condition of your skin, and not worsen it throughout travel. With the simple skin care routine, you can also have fun and enjoy your vacation, but at the same time maintaining the glowing and the softness of your skin.

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