bachelor of early childhood education college in Malaysia

Why Study Psychology: 8 Reasons

Psychology is a science that fascinates and captivates the majority because it deals with studying people’s behavior in all aspects of lives, even in the very sphere of business. It is natural for us to be curious to know more about yourselves. And this is what psychology is about, finding out how you think, feel and act. It is the study of human behavior, the processes that influence your behavior and the impact that other people, the environment and a multitude of other factors produce on it. If you are thinking of opting for these studies, you are interested in reading on.

bachelor of early childhood education college in Malaysia

8 Reasons Why Study Psychology

You are interested in the Widad college study of the cognitive processes (attention, perception and memory) of the human being. And how these infer human behavior.

You would like to know what are the determinants or psychobiological correlates of human behavior. For example: the effect of hormones, neurotransmitters, brain functions, psychotropic drugs, etc.

You want to know the evolution of human behavior from the perinatal stage (from before birth) to old age.

You are curious to know what the techniques are and how to do research in psychology. As well as its clear separation from the so-called pseudo-sciences associated with the absence of critical thinking.

You would like to know the social characteristics of behavior, the functioning of groups, the functioning of organizations from a psychological point of view.

You are interested in knowing the reason for the individual differences that exist in people. And also what are the personality characteristics that define us.

You want to learn to identify and diagnose dysfunctional situations or disorders. In addition to the intervention techniques that you must use.

You consider that you have a good disposition to face and intervene in complex situations in a methodical and planned way. All this in order to solve the problems that affect the human being and the group in today’s society.

If you think that your professional interests go in this direction, studying psychology could be a good decision. If not, reassess your decision.

One thing you should know before finishing, psychologists or psychologists are not professionals with the ability to decipher the personality or the thinking of others. It is a very widespread idea in society that psychologists have the ability to “read” the mind and know what happens to the person with whom we are talking, but it has nothing to do with reality. To know what happens to a person, the first step is the evaluation.

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