Is the Dress Watch Dead?

Is the Dress Watch Dead?

When you are going to a gala or a corporate event, you might have been told by someone that you must wear a dress watch to accentuate the suit that you are going to wear for the event. True enough, dress watches can either be an automatic watch or a timepiece with quartz movement that has a more minimalist and subdued look so as to not distract people from your outfit. For quite some time, dress watches were a huge thing. In fact, there was a period in time where dress watches were considered the generals that lead the watch industry to victory. But, as new technology emerged, dress watches were slowly, but surely, going extinct. At the time of writing this article, dress watches, I should say, are going extinct. It is only a matter of time where we see the end of these watches and although everybody saw it coming, it is still quite a sad thing to comprehend.

The Celebration of Craftsmanship

Just recently, both the Cartier Tank and the Piaget Altiplano turned 100 and 60 years old, respectively. They are amazing dress watches that, back in the day, were considered to be iconic timepieces. Anyone who is wearing either of these is sure to attract a lot of attention. Despite the fact that they do indeed carry a lot of horological value, they are, sadly, not bought in sufficient quantities. This is truly saddening, considering the fact that these watches were all the rage back then. Because no one is buying a lot of dress watches today, this could prompt watch manufacturers to ultimately discontinue this line of watches.

Is the Dress Watch Out of Fashion?

The appeal of dress watches is that they are stylish yet subtle. That is the main reason why they always go well with any formal outfit. But, as smartwatches have become more ubiquitous, people are going more towards the newer technology as opposed to the timepiece that we all knew and loved. Do not get me wrong, there are some people that would really love wearing traditional timepieces, but if we look at the vast majority of people, there is clearly a ‘falling out’ of sorts.

Is There Any Hope for the Dress Watch?

To tell you the truth, dress watches will not become completely extinct but you can expect a drastic decrease in the production of such timepieces. As more and more people are getting invested in wearable devices, this should come as no surprise. That being said, people who still love dress watches need not worry. If we look at history, pocket watches also shared the same fate as that of dress watches today, but despite the fact that people are no longer using them en masse, this doesn’t mean that watchmakers do not make pocket watches anymore. So in conclusion, I do believe that dress watches are here to stay, but I also believe that watchmaking companies would focus more on what is in vogue rather than something that we all used to love.

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