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Gift For Newlyweds Couple

Your friend just got married to her partner and you are so happy for both of them. However, due to this pandemic, you didn’t travel and go to their wedding reception. But you still want to get them the best gift and congratulate them on this happy event. You can just buy them a gift and ship it using the best shipping company in Johor Bahru. 

Here are some thoughtful and great gift, you can get for your friend that just got married. 


Private chef 


I’m not saying that you should get them a private chef for the rest of their life. But, you can get a private chef to prepare them a nice meal maybe for a romantic dinner night. It will be a great and memorable date for them and they will really appreciate this gift. Not only that, but they will get the chance to taste delicious delicacy that is prepared by top chefs only for the two of them. 




This is probably not the sweetest gift but it is thoughtful and it has a great function to it. The new couple obviously will be moving to their new house, so this gift will really be useful for them to clean their house. You can get them the latest vacuum that is on the market. Maybe the one from Daiso. 


Air fryer 


The best gift for newlyweds is a gift that they can use for a really long time and a gift that is easy for them to use. An air fryer is an answer to everything, especially if both of them are still learning how to cook. Getting an air fryer will be easy and quick for this new couple to prepare a meal for each other. Plus, they can make multiple types of dishes with this one machine. So, this is definitely the best and most functioning gift for them. 


Coffee machine


This might be a little too fancy for the new couple, but if it’s what they love why not. There is a lot of coffee machines that you can get according to your budget. And, if both of them are coffee lovers this is the perfect gift for them. They don’t need to go out every day just to buy a cup of coffee when they can just make multiple cups in the comfort of their home


Oil diffuser

It is important for new couples to feel comfortable in their home. Giving them an oil diffuser with essential oils can make the vibe in the house more comfortable for both of them. It will also make the house smells terrific. 


These are just some simple ideas on what gift you can get for your newlywed friends. The most important gift is to pray for their happiness in the marriage.