What Would You Do With Your Spare Time?

Anyone who works overtime and harder to earn more money will not really become richer. The value of the sacrificed spare time must be deducted from his higher income, and the value of the sacrificed part is usually much higher than the financial gain. You cannot become truly wealthy by sacrificing your spare time in order to earn more money. True wealth is the ability to make more out of less, not the necessity to make the same level of sacrifice to do so.

True freedom does not mean freedom from work, but freedom to be at work, that is to say, to have enough spare time to think and to talk. One of the greatest mysteries of the information age is how people can avoid the exhaustion caused by overwork. All the advice in this article will be meaningless if you do not have the ability to maintain balance in your life.

I therefore strongly urge you: please determine how much work and how many hours are comfortable for you. You must also determine your spare time and organise it in the same way as you plan your work such as pussy888 download to gain money.   I have found the best way to allocate my time for myself, and the most important steps I have taken may be helpful to you. 

  1. A question that makes sense like a compass: I know exactly what I want. What are the right things for me to do whereas most people are only concerned with doing them correctly and its efficacy. It is important that we know our inner compass, only then can we know which direction we want to go; it only makes sense to work harder if we are clear about which things we are fit to do. 
  2. Excellent planning: you shoukd always take many days to plan the year when you are on holiday; and also about 45 minutes to plan my week. Because you only want to work for a certain amount of time so you should always schedule the most important activities first. In addition to this,  you should also allow a certain amount of time each day for unexpected events. But you need to still plan spare time first, which means that it always comes first.
  3. Absolute concentration: you need to learn to concentrate completely on the task at hand and your mind will not desert over a small matter in order to be able to achieve so much. Two things play a major role in this: on the one hand, you need to meditate every day, which helps to improve your ability to concentrate absolutely, and on the other hand, you may need to take a 20-minute break every two hours of work, during which you can rest yourself physically, mentally and spiritually. The trick is to take a break before you feel tired, exhausted or overstressed.  


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