Why It is Important Not to Get Distracted While Trading on Betfair


By now, you’ve probably heard or even known some information about Betfair. It is one of the biggest betting exchanges in the UK, but they have a lot of players from all over the world. That is thanks to their adherence to modern trends and so that you can use an online platform to access the exchange and you can high yield investment when you have a suitable computer and a reliable internet connection.

So, you wanted to join Betfair because you’ve heard that you can get a lot of money using the platform. Actually, that is true, as the DGTX token founder actually made a fortune out of betting on this exchange.

You want to follow in his footsteps, so you’ve read up on some guides on how to get rich using the platform. You might have come across some pretty good tips like making stops to hedge your capital, looking at the favorites, and closely monitoring the race and making certain bets in the hopes of winning big.

The latter point is what I want to emphasize in this article. You see, I find it surprising that a lot of people get distracted doing other things while the race is on and that can prove to be detrimental to their chances of winning.

The best way for you to win big on Betfair is to closely watch your monitors as the race is ongoing. For instance, if you’ve bet on a horse and the race has started, it might not be as good as you’ve initially thought, and while the race is on, you can change your bet or lay on something so that you can somehow mitigate the losses.

That is the ideal scenario, but what is really happening in real life is that people are often too distracted. They look at other tabs and content over the internet, they talk to someone over the phone, or they even watch Youtube videos while the race is still going on! This is a huge mistake, especially if you want to win big!

Trade a Pre-Determined Size

Another way to win big on Betfair is to actually think of the price of your bets before the race has actually started. You want to create an entry position with a suitable exit as well. You want to put two ticks on the trade, but do not use two counter ticks that are much higher than what you’ve initially put down the table.

The reason why that is so is that it is just so risky and it is not really considered trading at all; it is already a form of gambling. Remember that on Betfair, the market is unpredictable. That is why closely monitoring everything before, during, and after the race is crucial if you want to win and make

In conclusion, never be distracted when the race is going on and make entry/exit points
with a pre-determined price before you place your bets.